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In spring, the climate changes, and so does our skin! With the arrival of the sun, opt for a fresh start with a renewed beauty routine, for a glowing and healthy complexion.

Why adapt your routine to spring?

In winter, we tend to choose skin care products that will protect our skin from external aggressions: cold, wind… During this period, a face cream with an oily and thick texture is your best ally.

But with the return of the beautiful days and the rise in temperatures, certain upheavals are felt and our complexion is often lacking. It’s time to prepare our skin for this new season! Institut Karité Paris advises you today on the products to adopt.

Lighter textures

No more oily finish moisturizer! You don’t want to take the risk of shimmering in the sun. In the spring, we opt for a less rich cream. So, opt for gel or fluid textures, which are much lighter and will moisturize your skin while providing protection and comfort.

And lucky for you, we have the product that will meet all your needs! Nourish your skin lightly with our Shea Day Lotion and leave your face with a pleasant sensation of freshness. Its gel-cream texture leaves your skin delicately moisturized, without leaving an oily film or a sticky sensation.

A radiance boost!

A dull complexion, not really for you. To glow in this new season, think about exfoliation! An exfoliation will remove all dead skin and leave your skin more radiant than ever. Try our Shea Butter Gentle Home Scrub recipee! To be done once a week, on a previously moistened skin to avoid irritations.

After having made new skin, make way for the care. For a complexion to make pale more than one, prefer a mask radiance. To be applied once or twice a week, it will revitalize your pretty face.

For this, there is nothing like our Shea Radiance Mask! It combines Shea Butter with White Clay, known for its remineralizing and purifying properties, to help you regain radiant and clear skin. Rediscover a purified, radiant and fresh complexion thanks to these two key active ingredients.

Focus on hydration

But spring also rhymes with hydration! The beautiful days are here, and the sun won’t spare you. So remember to take care of your body too. To prevent your skin from becoming dry and drained of its water reserves, remember to apply a body lotion daily.

Our Shea Body Milk is the product for you. It gives back to your skin all its suppleness and softness thanks to the active ingredients of Shea Butter. Its light and melting texture penetrates easily. Perfectly nourished, your skin will thank you!

You are now ready to start off this season on the right foot!

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