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The good mine we have been waiting for…

Holidays may come to an end. Back to town, we secretly hope that our surfer’s natural glow will survive the city hustle. 

We wanted septembre to be tinted in brown tones, relying on our sun-kissed skin tone to oust the complex and time-consuming contouring. A gleaming but certainly not glowy skin, relegating bronzing powder and complexion to unused drawers. Hallelujah.

Note that if you can proudly strut with your naturally-coloured cheeks, it means your skin protection mechanisms work well. Hurrah ! Skin’s natural pigment, melanin, is working hard to absorb harmful UV sun rays. 

Sadly, nothing last forever, and certainly not tanned complexion.

All year-round tanned complexion is a fantasy and a risky business !

After recurrent sun exposure, our skin is exhausted. Main side effects include premature skin ageing and impacts on body’s immune system as well. 

Whereas UVB, UVA are constant throughout the day and reaching deep in the dermis where cellular formation is made and renewed. 

An extended exposure involve a drop in elastin and collagen production, known as the two main factors of extrinsic aging. 

Extrinsic skin aging is due to environmental factors (here UV exposure) and can be opposed to intrinsic aging, a natural occurring process responsible of slow tissue degeneration.

You can easily observe tiny wrinkles appearing due to the skin atrophy and loss of hydration.

To revitalize the skin suffering from sunburns and salt, you should double down your efforts to restore a good moisturizing routine, including raw vegetable oils and lipid-replenishing butters like shea butter, avocado butter or argan oil. 

Boosting your glow is the good trade-off

Long exposure can cause dull or flaky skin. Thick skin texture is the enemy of softness and brightness. Dead cells are accumulated on the surface of the epidermis and may encourage pore-clogging. It’s definitely not a good deal !

Rather than focusing on how much tanned you are, you should bet on enhancing your skin glow. Ward off the effects of UV by lowering your exposure to free radical and opt for a radiant skin routine.

Radiant tone begins with Shea butter, naturally rich in allantoin, which has softening and restorative properties. Many anti-aging skin care products use allantoin to promote healthy skin formation. It helps minimize skin damage and improve skin’s moisture retention.

Avoid mineral oils and harsh products -possibly comedogenic- , clogging pores and causing acne. Sensitive and oily skins should double check the comedogenic potential of their skin care products here.

Remember that the skin cells renewal mainly occurs at night ! During your sleep, the superficial layer of skin covering the dermis gets rid off dead cells and embrace newly created cells. Build a solid overnight routine, use a gentle cleansing oil and a soft fruits acids scrub, combined with a moisturizing shea butter night cream.

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