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Nature and its scents are in the heart of all our formulas. We are trying to convey all the delicacy of surroundings flowers, to deliver the most sensational sensory journey. The stunning blossom smell combined with Shea Butter allow us to create singular skin care products…reflecting the french chic.

We have already mentioned our beloved Paris as one of our main source of inspiration. It’s now time to bring out Grasse, our unfailing source of creativity.

570 miles away from Paris sits on the heights of Cannes, the smelling city of Grace. This ancestral town is the capital of Perfume since the XVII century. Over four centuries, the city is showcasing the best craftsmen and has never failed at perpetuating their genuine expertise.

Our french manufacturers are developing tailor-made solutions to enhance the whole perfume making process. Their journey starts with the knowledge of their region soils and weather. Listening to the land requires a very humble posture and lead them to carefully pick the flowers to grow and harvest. Flowers & grounds matching  is topped with a great proficiency at using botanical technics like plant transplant.

Each type of flower requires special care and has to be considered in close relation with its environment. Our high-skilled professionals have understood this postulate since a young age. Their ability to manage all these technical and practical aspects is passed on throughout generations.

Flowers substance and structure, including petals, are also part of the core knowledge. It allows Grasse perfumers to extract in a traditional way the precious essence.

After carefully choosing and farming a bunch of flowers, the journey goes on with the “Nose”, where complexity stands in the cautious usage of tools and technics to reveal all the olfactory nuances.

The Nose (Le Nez, in french) is choosing from many notes and is responsible for the olfactory combination, looking over and over for the most harmonious set.

At Institut Karité Paris, the major part of our scents are concocted to pay tribute to France and its illustrious historical figures. Grasse carries on our parisian dream in a delightful way.

Our Lily Of The Valley scent is only one example of our bond to France. Nowadays, this french flower is used as a present to celebrate May the 1st. But the story took root before Charles IX reign. Charmed by the scent of these tiny flowers, Charles decided to gift every women of the course with a sprig, a day before his crowning. Christian Dior also made Lily Of The Valley his favorite lucky charm, sewing some in the hem of clothing before a fashion show. Many iconic wedding were featuring this flower: Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Lady Diana, or more recently Kate Middleton.

The French Riviera where Grasse is settled, has still its well-kept secrets and will continue to prosper in the art of making genuine perfumes out of the most valued flowers.

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