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At this time of the year, with the cold, the wind or the dry air from the heating, our lips become dry or even chapped. Discover all our precious advice on how to repair chapped lips and protect them against external aggressions.

Why do my lips get chapped?

Our lips are a very sensitive part of our face. When they are subject to external aggressions, small dead skin cells can appear, accompanied by a feeling of tightness and sometimes chapping. If our lips are so fragile, it is because they are devoid of sebaceous glands. These glands are present all over the rest of the body and help protect the skin by moisturising it naturally with the sebum produced. 

How can I repair and protect my lips?

To avoid peeling lips, use a gentle exfoliator specially devised for this area. Discover our exfoliating lip care recipe with Shea Butter, honey and sugar for soft lips. Exfoliate once a week or once every fortnight depending on the sensitivity of your lips.

The lip stick is the ideal ally to fight chapped lips. Easy to use, it slips into your bag or pocket to moisturise your lips all day long, as often as you like. Discover our Lip Sticks enriched with Shea Butter to nourish your lips wherever you are.

For chapped and damaged lips, discover our Lip Balm recipe with Shea Butter, Coconut and Jojoba Vegetable Oil. Ideal for repairing damaged lips, apply a generous amount before going to bed and leave it on all night long for soft lips in the morning.

Prevent chapped lips

It is possible to prevent this phenomenon with simple gestures.

  • Drink enough water (1.5 to 2 L per day).
  • In winter, avoid lipsticks with drying textures such as matte or long-lasting lipsticks and prefer melting textures.
  • In the evening, remember to remove make-up of your lips with our Micellar Water and moisturize them before going to bed.
  • Like our skin, our lips are sensitive to UV rays. It is therefore essential to protect them during exposure, particularly in summer and winter in the mountains, with a lip balm or lip stick with a UV filter.

Shower too hot, make-up removal forgotten… We all make daily mistakes that gradually damage our skin. To discover the habits to banish and to have a healthy skin, click here.

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