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Symbol of renewal, the Cherry Blossom is one of the first to bloom, heralding spring! Discover the one commonly known as Sakura, and succumb to its irresistible charm.

A cultural emblem

This flower, known in the West as the ornamental cherry blossom, has its roots in the Land of the Rising Sun and is considered its emblem. Today, it still holds a major cultural place there, being associated with the centenary ceremony of the “hanami” (in English, “contemplation of flowers”). This convivial tradition dates back to the 18th century, at the time of Nara, when peasants gathered to pray to the divinities. Today, Japanese families gather under the trees for a picnic to admire the flowering of the trees.

Although the blossoming of the trees is the sign of spring, it lasts only two weeks on average, with the tree then undoing its sumptuous petals. Thus, the Cherry Blossom is considered the symbol of ephemeral beauty, and invites us to enjoy the little moments of life.

Diverse origins

The Cherry tree is a fruit tree belonging to the prunus family. There are two kinds: Prunus Avium, of European origin, and Prunus Cesarus, native to Asia.

Legend has it that it spread throughout Europe thanks to the work of migratory birds from the Middle East, who sowed its seeds.

However, historians do not agree on the origin of its culture. While some attribute it to the Roman people, following their victories in the Persian lands, others defend the hypothesis of the existence of wild cherry trees, particularly in Italy and Greece, long before the Roman epic.

The tree then conquered royalty: Charlemagne asked to plant some in his gardens, while a few centuries later, the Sun King imposed its cultivation in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles.

A scent that will delight you!

A true ode to the flowering season, celebrate the flower that heralds the arrival of spring! Institut Karité Paris has developed an entire range dedicated to the delicate Cherry Blossom.

Rediscover the exquisiteness and softness of this sumptuous flower, symbol of ephemeral beauty, in this collection of personal care products enriched with Shea Butter: Hand Cream, Body Milk, Cream Wash… It will meet all your needs! You will also love its fresh and bewitching fragrance, a real invitation to a springtime stroll.

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