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Sensation of discomfort, itching, deposits on clothes… Dandruff is not very aesthetic and is a source of embarrassment in everyday life. Today we suggest our solutions to finally eliminate them and prevent their appearance!

Why does dandruff appear?

The appearance of dandruff is a very common phenomenon, affecting nearly one in two people in France. Whether dry or greasy, dandruff occurs when the hydrolipidic film, which protects the scalp, is altered and no longer produces the optimal amount of sebum. It can also be the result of a too rapid regeneration of the scalp cells. These small whitish particles can be associated with irritation or itching of the scalp.

Several factors can contribute to the development of dandruff: stress, pollution, unbalanced diet or hormonal variations. Bad hair habits, such as the frequent use of heated appliances and aggressive hair products, can also encourage the proliferation of dandruff.

How to get rid of it ?

First and foremost, don’t scratch your dandruff, as this can cause inflammation and damage your scalp. Since dandruff is associated with a dry scalp, moisturizing should be at the core of your routine. Say goodbye to irritating shampoos and wash your hair with a gentle shampoo like our Shea Shampoo Milk Cream: its creamy formula ensures a gentle cleansing.

Then massage your scalp with a knob of our 100% Pure Shea Butter to nourish it deeply and help it regain its balance: it is an ideal ally in the fight against dry dandruff. You can mix it with a few drops of essential oil of tea tree or Atlas cedar for more efficiency.

Prevent the appearance of dandruff

Some simple gestures to adopt can limit the formation of dandruff:

  • Avoid washing your hair every day because it stimulates the production of sebum. It is better to wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week.
  • Limit the use of heating devices such as hair dryers, whose hot air attacks the hair fiber.
  • Reduce the wearing of beanies, hats and caps that enclose the scalp and thus cause its fragility.

Discover here our advice to treat another hair phenomenon, greasy roots and dry ends.

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