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Bluish or purplish, they often make life hard for us… Reducing dark circles can be a real challenge every day! Come and discover our tricks to regain a fresh look.

Why do we have dark circles?

While genetics sometimes have a say, the appearance of dark circles is generally correlated to several other factors. The first on our list is lifestyle: lack of sleep, poor diet, stress… So many parameters that come into play in our battle against a tired look.

More simply, they can also be related to your body, such as thinner skin around the eye area, and the way it works. In fact, certain deficiencies can accentuate their appearance, such as poor blood circulation or a dysfunction of the lymphatic system.

The different types of dark circles

They come in many forms. First of all, brown circles are the result of hyperpigmentation of the skin around the eye contour, and are hereditary in nature. Generally speaking, they are very present in Mediterranean skins.

Nevertheless, bluish or purplish dark circles are the most common, as they are linked to poor blood circulation, or to skin that is four times thinner and allows blood vessels to appear. Our lifestyle then accentuates or reduces their appearance.

Finally, hollow circles are the result of a thinning of the fat around the eyes, skin aging or skin slackening.

How to fight against their appearance?

Adopt a healthier lifestyle

Various elements of our daily life can be improved in order to reduce the appearance of dark circles. If you work on a computer, consider reducing the brightness of your screen and taking regular breaks to rest your eyes. Another tip: drink your 1.5L of water a day! Indeed, increasing your water consumption will improve your blood circulation.

Apply a specific cream

Hydration is your ally! As the skin around the eye is thinner, it is necessary to apply a lighter and less oily cream than the one we apply to the rest of the face.

Adopt our Shea Anti-Aging Eye Cream! Delicately scented, this targeted treatment is suitable for all skin types. It effectively moisturizes and relaxes this sensitive area of the face to help you regain a rested look. Apply it every morning to the eye contour area with light tapping motions to stimulate circulation and improve the absorption of active ingredients.

Stimulate blood circulation

The first trick is the cold one. Indeed, it is an excellent way to boost microcirculation. So, place two teaspoons (preferably metal) in your refrigerator for 5 minutes. Then place them for ten minutes on your eyes, before your daily beauty routine.

Another tip, much better known, is the cucumber slices! Composed of more than 95% water, this vegetable will moisturize and decongest your eye contour. Place a slice on each eye and leave on for 15 minutes. This same trick can be done with green tea bags, previously put in the cold.

You now have all the cards in hand to fight against your dark circles!

If you would like to know more about the eye contour area and how to take care of it, click here.

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