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Cellulite affects all women, round, thin, young and old. It is often difficult to dislodge and for some, is experienced as a real burden. Discover our tips to get rid of it.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is an accumulation of fat cells stored under the skin. When these cells grow larger, they create uneven relief, forming dimpled areas and giving the famous “orange peel” appearance.

Cellulite is usually located on the buttocks, stomach or thighs.

You should know that there are different types of cellulite:

Aqueous or so-called infiltrated cellulite is visible and relatively soft to the touch. It is generally linked to venous and lymphatic circulation problems (water retention) and is accompanied by the sensation of heavy legs.

Adipose cellulite is visible when you pinch your skin. It is due to an excess of fat linked to a lack of sport and/or a too rich diet.

Fibrous cellulite is painful and hard to the touch, it is the most difficult to dislodge because it is deep and has been present for a long time.

How to get rid of it?

Do massages

To improve the condition of your skin and prevent dimpling, you can perform massages. Apply our Shea Body Cream or one of our Shea Butter, then perform the palpate-roll massage for 10 minutes every day. To do this, pinch your skin and then roll the fold formed from the bottom to the top.

Make scrubs

Scrubs help to stimulate blood circulation, eliminate fat and thus erase the “orange peel” appearance. Do an exfoliation once a week and insist on the areas where you have cellulite. To exfoliate your skin gently, discover our recipe for homemade gentle exfoliation with Shea butter.

Hydrate yourself

One of the main causes of cellulite is the poor hydration of the cells and that is why it is important to moisturize your skin, but also to drink enough water (about 1.5 L per day).

Have a healthy lifestyle

Food is the key!

You need to banish sugar and salt. Indeed, sugar stimulates the production of fat cells and salt retains water in the tissues, causing the creation of dimpled skin. For aqueous cellulite, avoid milk products that promote water retention.

Drink green tea. At breakfast, drink a large cup of green tea because, beyond its antioxidant powers, green tea helps to reduce fat storage, so why deprive yourself of it?

Finally, eat diuretic foods that will help you to fight water retention and help your body to eliminate toxins. Leek, cabbage, onions, peppers and pineapples are miracle foods against cellulite.

As a complement to your diet, practice regular physical activity, there is nothing better than sport to melt fat.

Whatever your type of cellulite, these tips will be effective and your cellulite will be a distant memory.

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