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Thanks to their many benefits, essential fatty acids are virtuous for our skin and body. Let’s discover this essential ingredient for healthy skin!

What are essential fatty acids?

Essential fatty acids are not produced by our body but they are necessary for its proper functioning because they provide it nutrients such as Omega 3 and 6.

The Omega 3 allow the proper development of brain cells and prevent cardiovascular pathologies. They also favour the preservation of the integrity of the skin.

Omega 6 are also excellent for our organism, reducing blood pressure and helping to reduce cholesterol levels. They also play a role in maintaining the skin’s “barrier” function against toxins and facilitate the passage of nutrients through the epidermis.

Where do we find them?

These “good fats” are mainly found in foods such as raw vegetable oils and fish.

Omega 3 are present in linseed and hemp oil or in cold sea fish such as salmon and sardines.

The sources of Omega 6 are butter, rapeseed oil, walnut oil, borage and evening primrose oil.

It is important to have a sufficient and moderate intake of fatty acids because, like any fat, when consumed in excess, they favour weight gain.

Essential fatty acids are also found in certain cosmetic active ingredients such as Shea Butter or Castor Oil.

What are their virtues for the skin?

Dry and peeling skin? Dull complexion? Fragile nails? You probably need to consume more essential fatty acids. Indeed, they help to nourish and soothe our skin, to give it suppleness and elasticity. They also act as anti-oxidants by protecting our skin from oxidative stress and therefore from skin ageing.

Take advantage of all our Face and Body products based on Shea, naturally rich in essential fatty acids, to care for your skin and provide it with everything it needs.

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