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Your eye area is one of the places to show the first signs of age or tiredness. To reduce the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and bags under the eyes, it is advisable to use specific products. An eye cream is a great way to take care of your particularly sensitive skin in this area of ​​your face. So, why and how to take care of the outline of your eyes? We will explain everything to you!

Why take care of your eyes area?

If eye contour is a specific area, it is primarily because the skin around the eye is different from the rest of the face. It is much thinner and more delicate and loses its elasticity more quickly. More sensitive to UV rays, external aggressions and the environment, the eye contour is a sensitive area that reflects our tiredness and age.

That is why it is essential to use specific and adapted care for this area.

In addition, the eye area dries faster and is often the driest part of the face.

It is therefore essential to choose a moisturizing eye contour, such as Anti-Aging Eye Cream. Enriched with Shea Butter, active moisturizer and anti-aging, this treatment helps to reduce the signs of aging already present and provide flexibility to your skin. Associated with other assets such as brown algae, its prolonged use provides an anti-wrinkle function and avoids the progression of expression lines.

How to apply an eye cream effectively?

The application of eye creams is fundamental to obtain good results. Indeed, applying the treatment optimally will increase its effectiveness.

It is advisable to apply your eye cream on perfectly cleansed skin, and before your moisturizer.

We advise you to penetrate your care every morning at the level of the eye contour by light taps to stimulate the circulation and to improve the absorption of the assets.

You can keep your eye cream in a cool place (such as in a refrigerator). This will bring an immediate ice effect to the application, which stimulates blood circulation, smoothes the puffiness and reduces dark circles

When should we start using a eyes cream?

Eyes cream can be used at any age. It is still recommended to start as soon as possible, to delay the cumulative effects of time, fatigue and pollution.

From 25 years, prefer a special care against dark circles and swelling. It will also act as preventive care anti-aging and as soon as the first wrinkles appear, use an anti-aging eye contour.

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