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Each year in France, the first Sunday in March, we wish our grandmothers a happy day! This year this day will be on the March 1st, 2020.

Where does this tradition come from in France?

This celebration is not an ancestral tradition whose origins date from a long time ago… Not far from there. The Grandmothers’Day is a commercial celebration that takes root from 1987 thanks to the brand Café Grand’mère. The idea of ​​this brand is to celebrate grandmothers on the model of Mother’s Day. This initiative is very well received in France and it is renewed each year and celebrated by the whole family.

In many countries, grandmothers are celebrated on the same day as grandfathers: it’s Grandparents’ Day. For example, in the United States and Canada, this celebration takes place on the first Sunday of September. In Italy we celebrate grandparents on October 2nd.

And what about grandfathers in France then? Fortunately, since 2008, a celebration has been held on the first Sunday of October to celebrate them.

How to please our grandmothers?

This celebration is an opportunity for all the grandchildren to give them a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a nice gift! Here are our gift ideas:

The Flamingo Cherry Blossom Tote Bag

Surprise your grandmothers with the Flamingo Cherry Blossom Tote Bag composed of a 100% Pure Shea Butter 50 mL Jungle Paradise, a Shea Soap 200g Cherry Blossom and a Shea Shower 250 mL Cherry Blossom. The little extra? The Flamingo Tote Bag is reusable for shopping or as a handbag. With its original and chic appearance, all the other grandmothers will be envious!

The Little Jungle Paradise Kit Almond & Honey

Take your grandmothers to the heart of the Jungle with this little Jungle Paradise Kit with a sweet and delicious scent of Almond & Honey. It is composed of a Scented Shea Butter 10 mL Almond and Honey, a Lip Stick Bees Wax and Shea and finally a Shea Soap 100g Almond and Honey.

The Anti-Aging Range

Finally, make discover to your grandmothers our Anti-Aging range enriched with Shea Butter and Brown Seaweed Extract. These two natural ingredients are known for their redensifying anti-aging properties. Learn more about the Brown Seaweed with the article: The Shea and Brown Seaweed Association, a rejuvenating experience. Our targeted cares will help the skin regain radiance, rebound and elasticity!

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