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Weight in the lower limbs, tingling, pain… Daily, the sensation of heavy legs can be a real ordeal. Today, we share with you our advice on how to regain light legs.

Why do we have heavy legs?

What we commonly call “heavy legs” corresponds to a feeling of heaviness in this same part of our body. It is usually caused by heat, tiredness or a long day standing.

Physically, this phenomenon can result in swollen legs, tingling, cramps or localized pain. In the most severe cases, varicose veins can also appear.

What is causing it?

But what are the causes? Heavy legs are directly related to poor blood circulation or even venous insufficiency. Indeed, the primary role of the veins is to allow blood to flow from the feet to the heart. When the venous return functions poorly, blood stagnated in the lower limbs, creating this feeling of heaviness.

What are the origins of this phenomenon?

This sensation can be linked to different factors, the first being heredity: if this problem is recurrent in your family, it is likely that you also have it. Age and gender also have a significant impact. Indeed, the phenomenon of heavy legs appears more frequently with the passage of time, and affects mostly women.

On the other hand, factors such as being overweight, due to high cholesterol levels, or smoking accentuate the phenomenon of heavy legs. They weaken the veins and slow down venous return.

Lack of physical activity also plays a role. Indeed, our muscles work like pumps: their contraction helps the blood to circulate to the vital organs. Thus, not doing sports regularly means that our muscles are not being used. They are valuable in combating poor blood circulation.

How can you relieve your legs?

Cold water

We know that heat is an aggravating factor. Therefore, take warm showers and finish with a cold water jet, going from the feet to the thighs. This will stimulate your blood circulation. Also avoid hot baths, which will make your legs swell.

Adopt massages

Another (rather pleasant) way to stimulate blood circulation: massages! At home, practise the very effective method of palpating-rolling, moving upwards from the feet to the thighs.

To facilitate the massage, use a moisturizing milk, such as our Shea Body Milk. Easy to apply, it will leave your skin soft and moisturized, for a long-lasting feeling of comfort. You can also use natural vegetable oils, such as Sweet Almond or Coconut.

Raising your feet

In fact, placing your feet higher than your legs will make it easier for blood to flow to your heart. Use this trick at night while you sleep, because when our body is motionless for several hours, blood circulation is slowed down.

Practice regular physical activity

Playing a sport regularly is crucial. Cycling, running, swimming, dancing… The aim is to choose a gentle sport, allowing as many movements as possible, to stimulate your muscles. On a daily basis, you should also consider taking the stairs and walking.

With these tips, you are now ready to say goodbye to heavy legs!

And for some beautiful legs, check out our recipe for Homemade Body Cream with Shea Butter!

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