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Autumn has set in, temperatures have cooled and our skin is gradually dulling and losing its radiance. Do not panic, we will explain you why our complexion becomes dull at this time of year and give you some tips on how to restore your skin’s radiance.

Help! My complexion is turning grey… What is happening?

When temperatures drop, our skin naturally thickens to fight against the cold and blood circulation is reduced. Our epidermis therefore becomes more fragile and sensitive.

Stress, tiredness and pollution are factors that can accentuate this phenomenon. Your skin becomes asphyxiated, cell renewal is painful and as a result your skin loses all its radiance.

Our advice

Antioxidants are your best allies

In addition to preserving our skin from ageing and allowing good cell renewal, antioxidants protect our skin from pollution. We must therefore provide it with them through our diet.

To do this, eat foods rich in Vitamin C such as oranges, clementines, mandarins, grapefruit and lemon.  Vitamin C helps the regeneration of our skin and participates in the synthesis of collagen.

Other great antioxidants: artichoke, cabbage, carrot and beetroot.

Discover a detox juice recipe to give your body everything it needs:

Mix a raw beetroot, two carrots, a grapefruit, a bit of fresh ginger. You can add, if you wish, a teaspoon of turmeric.

Adopt a new beauty routine

Throughout the seasons, our skin does not have the same needs, so it is essential to evaluate them in order to be able to provide it with everything it needs.

In autumn, choose a richer texture such as our Shea Moisturising Day Cream and Shea Anti-Aging Day Cream.

Exfoliate your skin once a week to remove dead cells and activate skin cell renewal.

To regain radiant skin and say goodbye to a dull, blurred complexion, apply our Shea Radiance Mask once a week. If you have redness and/or tight skin, alternate with our Shea Hydra Mask, which will deeply moisturize your skin. 

Adapt your make-up

To illuminate your complexion, apply a highlighter in the inner corner of the eye, on the top of the cheekbones, the edges of the nose, and the chin. Also apply some blush to your cheekbones to give them a little colour, this will boost the radiance of your skin.

To regain a radiant complexion in just a few minutes, discover our Shea, Apricot and Carrot Face Cream recipe.

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