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The distinction between the concepts of dry skin and dehydrated skin is not easy. This confusion often leads to a wrong diagnosis and the discomfort linked to these types of skin can persist. So how distinguish dry from dehydrated skin? We explain you.

Dry skin

How to recognize dry skin?

First, be aware that dry skin is a permanent skin type. The condition of the epidermis cannot really be changed, but the discomfort caused by this type of skin can be relieved.

Dry skin is linked to the lack of sebum. The deficiency in lipids and essential fatty acids deteriorates the protective functioning of the hydrolipidic film against external threats. Without the necessary sebum, the skin suffers from tightness and becomes more fragile. There are many undesirable effects: irritation, appearance of eczema, continuous tightness, lack of elasticity, more visible dryness… Unpleasant phenomena that we would like to avoid.

How to cure it?

Dry skin needs to be nourished. In order to fill the lack of sebum, it is necessary to privilege care rich in lipids and fatty acids. Shea Butter, known for its nourishing properties, will allow you to regain soft and comfortable skin. For the face, the Day Cream for Dry to Very Dry Skin will soothe the tightness continuously and restore suppleness to your skin. Regularly gently exfoliate to remove dead skin and facilitate the penetration of products applied afterwards.

Dehydrated skin

How to recognize dehydrated skin?

Dehydration of the skin is not a skin type (do not hesitate to read our article “How to determine your skin type” for more details). It is a skin condition that can affect all skin types. It is thus possible to have oily or dry skin (skin type) and dehydrated skin (temporary state of the skin).

As the name suggests, this skin condition is due to the lack of water. External factors such as extreme climate change, stress, pollution … affect the protective barrier (hydrolipidic film) which weakens and does not retain enough water for our skin. Skin dehydration then causes feelings of discomfort such as occasional tightness or tingling. Fortunately, these inconveniences are temporary and easily relieved.

How to cure it?

Lack of hydration can be prevented by taking good care of your skin and body. Remember therefore to drink enough water so that the upper and lower dermal layers are hydrated.

In order to hydrate deeply, do not hesitate to use our Shea Hydra Mask. A light exfoliation beforehand will remove the small dead cells and thus, the moisturizing active ingredients could penetrate deeply into the tissues. Also applying every morning a moisturizing treatment like our Shea Day Lotion will provides the skin the daily hydration needed.

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