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Damaged, weak, brittle nails… So many symptoms that prevent us from having beautiful long nails. Discover our tips to remedy this and get a perfect manicure.

Why are my nails damaged?

Although nails grow on average 3 to 4 mm per month, it is not easy to have beautiful, long and shiny nails. Indeed, the repetition of hand tasks, the extended submersion in hot water or the regular application of nail polish without protecting the nails are all factors that weaken them. As a result, they split, break, streaks appear and they may lack whiteness. How to remedy this?

How to repair your nails?

If your nails are weak and brittle, it is essential to moisturize and nourish them deeply. Therefore, after each hand washing, apply a hand cream such as our Shea Hand Cream to moisturize your nails and cuticles. To enhance nutrition, massage your nails and cuticles once or twice a week with our Shea Butter: it softens, polishes and strengthens the nail naturally. You can add a few drops of vegetable oil (castor, jojoba, argan) to encourage nail growth.

Having beautiful natural nails also requires a balanced diet, rich in protein, iron and vitamins A and B. The consumption of good fats (avocado, oily fish) allows the nails to strengthen. You can also start a cure of brewer’s yeast or food supplements for several months to treat your nails.

Our guide for a perfect manicure

Before applying your nail polish, it is necessary to prepare your nails. Start by taking care of the cuticles, which should not be cut but rather pushed back with a wooden stick after having soaked them for a few minutes in warm water. Then move on to the essential step of filing. Using a glass file, softer than metal ones, file from the edge to the center always in the same direction to avoid weakening your nails. Finally, use a polisher to smooth the surface of your nails and make them shiny.

You can now apply your nail polish, after applying a base coat to avoid staining the nail. Finish the manicure with a layer of hardening top coat to make the polish last longer.

Now that your nails are healthy, discover here our hand washing ritual.

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