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For some time now, you have noticed the appearance of brown spots on your skin. Where do they come from? How can you prevent their appearance and reduce them? Discover the causes of this phenomenon and our precious advice on how to remedy it.

Help, I have brown spots on my skin…!

Brown spots are a sign of aging skin. They are caused by oxidation of the skin due to excessive and intensive sun exposure without adequate protection. Indeed, the sun’s UV rays (UVA and UVB) are the main cause of premature ageing of our skin.

Hormones can also disrupt the production of melanin, which is at the origin of this hyperpigmentation of the epidermis, such as during pregnancy (appearance of melasma or pregnancy mask), the use of a contraceptive pill or a thyroid problem.

Acne can also be the cause of brown spots. The exposure of an irritated and/or inflamed pimple can cause hyperpigmentation and leave scars.

Brown spots usually appear on the face, hands, chest and back.

Here are a few tips to prevent and reduce brown spots

We protect

Sunlight is important for the health as it is the main source of Vitamin D, but we should be wary of it. Protect your skin in summer and winter as soon as you go out with an SPF adapted to your skin. The SPF does not prevent you from tanning but protects your skin, you will still be able to get beautiful colours!

We exfoliate

To reduce the appearance of stains, opt for an exfoliation once or twice a week. It helps cell regeneration by removing dead cells.

We moisturize

It can never be repeated often enough, but hydration is the key to healthy skin. We opt for a skincare product adapted to our skin type: light texture for combination to oily skin such as our Shea Day Lotion and our Shea Anti-Ageing Day Lotion. A richer texture for normal to dry skin such as our Shea Moisturizing Day Cream and our Shea Anti-Ageing Day Cream.

We also opt for a night treatment like our Shea Moisturizing Night Cream and our Shea Anti-Ageing Night Cream because while we sleep, our skin regenerates and needs hydration.

Drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day to deeply moisturize your skin.

Vitamin C is your ally

Vitamin C protects our cells from free radicals (pollution, UV…), it also stimulates collagen production and reduces melanin, responsible for brown spots. Moreover, Vitamin C brings radiance to our skin, so why deprive ourselves of it?

Yellow pepper, blackcurrant, strawberry, orange, fresh parsley, kiwi and cabbage are the main sources of Vitamin C.

In this season your complexion is losing its light? Dulling? To find out how to restore radiance to your skin, it is here.

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