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In winter, our skin can often be weakened by the cold and the wind which has unpleasant effects. Among them is itchy skin. Discover our solutions to protect your skin and avoid skin irritation and dryness.

Why is my skin itchy?

Winter causes multiple aggressions on the skin such as the cold, the wind or the excessive use of very hot water. These contribute to the drying of the skin because they reduce its sebum production, a protecting greasy substance: the skin then lacks nutrition because of the sudden changes in temperature. This is when itching, irritation and tightness appear, sometimes with by red patches.

How to get rid of it?

Although it is difficult to resist the temptation, you must obviously not give in by scratching the areas that itch you. Indeed, this will increase the dryness of the skin and thus its discomfort and it will scratch you again.

To avoid this vicious circle, give priority to nutrition. Indeed, nourish the skin in-depth will enable it to find its balance and its natural production of greasy substances. This will attenuate itchings and irritations.

To nourish your skin daily, use our Shea Body Cream whose formula enriched in Shea Butter will offer you softness and comfort. You can also chose our Shea Butter to intensely nourish your skin and give it back its suppleness: it can be used pure or mixed with other ingredients as in our Nourishing Body Cream Home recipe.

Our tips to avoid itchy skin

Several gestures you can adopt in winter can help you avoid this feeling:

  • Don’t cover up more than necessary: avoid excessive sweating, as sweat can cause itching if it stays in contact with the skin for too long.
  • When you dry your skin, pat your towel instead of rubbing it.
  • When a skin area itches, use a soothing balm to avoid scratching it.

In winter, external aggressions tend to dry out our lips. Find out how to repair them and prevent chapping here.

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