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The skin of the lips is constantly exposed to external aggressions such as wind, rain, climatic variations… However, this part of the body is very fragile and requires special attention, especially in winter. Discover our solutions to have beautiful lips this winter.

How to have soft lips?

First of all, drink at least 1.5L of water per day to maintain your body hydration. This will have an impact on the hydration of your lips.

Then, in order to have smooth lips especially during winter time, you need to exfoliate it to remove unsightly dead skin. For this, discover our DIY recipe for exfoliating lip care with shea butter. Once your lips are exfoliated, they need to be moisturized and plumped up. To do this, nourish your lips by applying a moisturizing balm. Our Beeswax And Shea Lip Stick, enriched with Beeswax and Shea Butter, is the ideal care to moisturize and nourish your lips all-day long.

To complete your routine, moisturize your lips during the night. Indeed, as our skin cells regenerate at night, it is the best time for the active ingredients to penetrate. That’s why, to have pretty lips when you wake up, apply our Shea Butter before going to bed.

Gestures to avoid

  • Limit very spicy, pungent, salty foods such as potato chips and acids such as citrus fruits. The latter tend to irritate and sensitize the lips more.
  • Do not moisten your lips with your tongue. Once the saliva has evaporated, it will drain the little moisture remaining on your lips. The result is chapped and dehydrated lip skin.
  • Avoid hand to lip contact. We touch our face on average almost 3000 times in a day. However, this is something to be avoided. Our hands carry many bacteria and viruses since they are in contact with many objects in our daily lives.
  • To ensure comfort for your lips, avoid lipstick with a matte texture. Although it is fashionable, it smothers the skin of your lips and makes it more vulnerable. The skin will not have the necessary defenses to protect itself and will be more prone to chapping.

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