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Over the ages, Marseille soap has become the ambassador of Provence, as well as the symbol of a purely French know-how. Come and discover the history of this traditional product.

An Ancestral Product

The birth of the Marseille soap in France dates back to the 14th century. It is the worthy heir of the famous soap of Aleppo, of Syrian origin and made from olive oil and laurel.

The method of artisanal manufacture of this soap was brought back to Europe after the Crusades period. First in Spain and Italy, it was not until the Middle Ages that it reached the coasts of our sweet Provence and that the appellation « Marseille Soap » was adopted.

Nevertheless, to this day, this appellation is not of controlled origin and only responds to a specific method of manufacture (and not to a place of manufacture).

A Handcrafted Treasure

If Marseille Soap used to be composed of animal fats, like tallow, today it is the result of the saponification of vegetable oils with caustic soda. Different oils can be used: coconut oil, palm oil… Nevertheless, olive oil, produced in Provence, remains the preferred ingredient by traditional French manufacturers, because of its unequalled quality.

Formerly made in large cauldrons, Marseille Soap follows a process consisting of about ten steps. Thus, a traditional manufacturing process lasts about ten days.

Under different shapes

Historically marketed in the form of a solid cube, Marseille Soap does not include any colouring agent or preservative. Hypoallergenic, it can be used for washing hands, body or face.

Nowadays, it also exists in the form of a Liquid Soap. Usually packaged in a plastic bottle, it is not in direct contact with the surrounding environment and can therefore be stored more hygienically. This practical packaging is also attractive.

A Vintage Collection

For you, Institut Karité Paris has carefully created the So Vintage Collection: a range of Marseille Liquid Soaps in an authentic and handcrafted universe, inspired by French tradition.

Our Marseille Liquid Soaps are made according to the traditional Marseille method, under the supervision of a master soap maker, to gently cleanse your skin. They are cooked in a cauldron with water from the Alps.

Their formula is rich in vegetable oils and glycerin, known for their moisturizing properties.

They delicately scent, soften and refresh your skin. Be seduced by its different fragrances: Orange Blossom, Lavender, Verbena, Rose… They will take you on a journey!

To also rediscover our range of So Garden Liquid Soaps, it’s this way!

Our Soaps are also ideal for hand washing! If you want to know more about this ritual, click here!

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