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Every year, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to thank the one who gave us everything. Discover today the origins of this feast, as well as our gift ideas to fill her with happiness!

Ancient origins

In order to trace the origin of Mother’s Day, it is necessary to go back thousands of years to Antiquity. In those distant times, this tradition already existed through mythology. Indeed, the Greek people celebrated Rhea, the mother of the Gods, through springtime ceremonies.

In the 5th century Before Christ, it was the Romans’ turn to pay homage to women and mothers, through a feast nicknamed “Matraliae” (from the Latin “mater”, “mother” in English).

But it was not until Napoleon’s day that the idea of a Mother’s Day reached France. Indeed, the Emperor evoked the creation of a feast, but did not put it in place. This tradition would only take root in the 20th century: in Isère, then in Lyon, and then spread throughout France with the law of 24 May 1950, making official “the tribute to French mothers”.

When do we celebrate this feast?

Did you know it? Not all countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the same date! The first Sunday of May in Spain, the second in the United States or Belgium… Each country has its own tradition.

In France, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of May, with one exception… If Pentecost is on this date, Mother’s Day is postponed by a week. An example of this exception is the year… 2020! Indeed, in this particular year, we will pay tribute to mothers on June 7th.

But after all, an extra week to find the ideal gift is not to be refused… Institut Karité Paris has concocted a selection that will make her heart skip a beat!

Gifts that will delight her


Clothes, accessories, shoes, bags… If your dear mum is a real fashionista, this option is for you! This season, fall for the trend of pastel colours: lila, mint, baby blue… Goodbye fashion mistakes!

We also like the trend of tropical patterns. Spoil her with our Toucan Small Pouch! It will give her a taste of summer with its very jungle look.


If your mother prefers to spend cocooning Sundays, think of the beauty boxes! They contain the essential products for a complete beauty ritual.

Give her a little treat with our new Almond & Honey Gift Set! It includes: a Shea Butter 10 mL, a Shea Hand Cream 30 mL and a Shea Macaron Soap. Enough to pamper her!

Personalized Gift

Also think about personalized gifts: photo frames, key rings, souvenir albums, engraved jewellery… Something to remind her of your love all year round.

Flower bouquet

And if the previous options don’t fit, you will always have the famous and timeless flowers bouquet!

Bought from a florist or hand-made by yourself, it will be the little something that will please her: roses, tulips, peonies, daffodils… A colorful gift!

Now you know all our secrets for a successful Mother’s Day!

Want to learn more? Discover the history behind Valentine’s Day here.

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