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Sleep is essential for our health, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. According to studies, the optimal sleeping would be between 7 and 9 hours per night.

It recharges our batteries after a day but also stimulates the nervous system, the memory and regulates the metabolism (to avoid overweight, diabetes, …). Moreover, skin cells regenerate at night, so a good sleep is necessary for a beautiful skin. While a lack of sleep can be dangerous, it affects physical and psychological recovery, it also increases irritability and makes the complexion dull with dark circles.

To avoid this, discover our advice for a restful sleep:

Create a relaxing environment

First, make sure to have a healthy air at bedtime by aerating the room every morning. Then, to make the atmosphere softer, choose a light lighting with an ambiance fragrance by using a candle or essential oils. Essential oils of neroli, lavender, camomile are the most known for their relaxing virtues.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

At first, eat light dinners. Difficult digestion can affect your sleep, so it is best to avoid fatty foods and stimulants such as theine and caffeine. Instead, you can opt for an infusion based on plants such as camomile, linden, verbena, or orange blossom, which will help you fall asleep. Afterwards, space out dinners from bedtime by to 2 to 3 hours. If they are too close together, your sleep may be disturbed. Lying posture favours gastric reflux and burning sensations.

Another element not to be neglected, even if sometimes it can be hard to do without them: screens (televisions, phones, …). They reflect blue light which interferes with the natural secretion of melatonin, the sleeping hormone. Therefore, at least 1 hour before bed, it is better not to look at these screens anymore. This can be an opportunity to take care of your skin with masks, scrubs, … Or to enjoy a book, a magazine or relaxing music.

Finally, adopt regular bedtimes: setting a routine will allow your internal clock to get into the habit, which will help you to sleep better.

Take care of your body and your mind

Don’t forget that the evening is THE time to relax before starting a new day. So, take a moment for yourself, a moment of well-being. Did you know that the skin is more receptive during the night? Throughout the day, the body protects the skin from aggressions (pollution, stress, cold, …). However, at night it increases its working power to repair it, so active ingredients will be more effective at this moment. Take the opportunity to apply a night cream such as our Shea Butter Moisturizing Night Cream scented with milk cream for a soft and moisturized skin in the morning.

At bedtime, several technics can make your sleep more restful. You can listen to sophrology for example. It helps to strengthen the balance between emotions, thoughts, and body to improve quality of life. Otherwise, breathing exercises or meditation are also effective.

You now hold the keys to have sweet nights.

Discover the complete evening ritual for a radiant skin in the morning.

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