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Christmas approaches quickly and you are always looking for gifts to please your loved ones? Discover our selection that will allow you to find the perfect attention for everyone.

For Her

Do you wish to offer facial treatments? Opt for a real moisturizing routine with our Hydration Normal Skin Christmas Pouch. This routine is also available with the Flamingo Pouch.

Offer this box for a real moment of relaxation. Delicately scented with Rose, it is composed of a Light Shea Hand Cream Rose Mademoiselle 30 mL, a Shea Soap 100g Rose, a Shea Butter Rose Mademoiselle 10 mL and a Macaron Soap Rose. The skin regains softness and suppleness and is delicately scented.

For All

The cold has set in and do not forget to take care of your skin, which is fragile at this time of the year. Offer our Jungle Flowers Small Pouch SOS Winter composed of four beauty essentials to be purchased urgently this winter.

Offer this set of three scented soaps enriched with Shea butter to take care of your skin every day.

For Nomads

Our Jungle Paradise Small Pouch Almond & Honey is ideal for people who like to get away for a few days when they get the chance. Composed of a lip stick, a Shea Butter 10 mL and a Shea Soap 100g, we love its sweet scent.

For those who like to take the bare minimum with them, discover our Milk Cream and Lavender Gift box composed of a Shea Hand Cream 30 mL Milk Cream, a Shea Butter 10 mL Fragrance-Free and a Macaron Soap Lavender.

The small attentions

Would you like to find a low-priced gift? We offer you our Pouches, made up of two scented Macaron Soaps that gently cleanse the skin.

You can also take advantage of our pouches composed of Lip Sticks and a Shea Butter.

These little attentions are sure to please! With the cold weather coming, your skin is tight? To discover all our precious advice to soothe your skin, click here.

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