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Nails are a reflection of our health and it is important to take care of them. Adopt the right gestures to have beautiful nails all year long.

Protecting your nails from external aggressions

Every day, the health of our nails is confronted with harsh challenges. However, a good beauty routine and a few habits will help preserve their strength. In order to clean them well, use our Shea Soap. It will take care of your skin thanks to its formula enriched with Shea Butter and will leave a soft perfume of Lavender. Its unique formula composed of carefully selected and dosed active ingredients is the promise of a comfortable and clean skin.

For a smooth and shiny surface, you can file your nails and gently remove the cuticles. Also remember to trim them as soon as you feel the need. Nails that are too long will encourage the accumulation of residue. Winter temperatures dry out and tend to damage the skin. Nails are no exception to the rule! In winter, moisturizing is essential. Do not hesitate to apply cream daily.

The gestures to adopt

  • Protect your hands with gloves before starting your household chores. To strengthen your nails, try mixing garlic juice with your nail polish.      
  • After washing your hands, you should apply a moisturizer. Indeed, it will prevent the skin from drying out and it will moisten your nails. Our Shea Hand Cream will be perfect for your hands to be moisturized until the end of your fingers.
  • Prepare your nails to receive nail polish with a base because the ingredients of nail polish do not let the nails breathe. Indeed, it is important to follow this step in order not to have yellow and dry nails.

An impeccable diet

Iron is one of the essential minerals for hair and nail growth. It can be found in red meats and fish which are then very well assimilated by the body.

If all vitamins are essential to well-being and beauty, Vitamin B is particularly well known to help having beautiful nails and hair. Indeed, this vitamin participates in the manufacture of keratin and this protein allows to have strong nails and a pretty hair.

Foods rich in proteins and minerals are important for nail health, as are foods with antioxidant properties. In fact, antioxidant help protect dead cells against aging and all sorts of elements that are harmful to the body.

To have a complete routine discover here our other tips to have beautiful nails.

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