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After epilation, the skin is itching, tight and hot, and is often accompanied by redness or ingrown hairs. It is important to take care of your skin after epilation in order to relieve it in the days following epilation. Discover in this article the tips for a painless epilation.

Preparing your skin for epilation

Before starting epilation, it is important to exfoliate the day before. Exfoliation will help remove dead cells and impurities from the epidermis, thus avoiding ingrown hairs. After exfoliation, come the hydration of the skin. It must be supple and well hydrated to minimize the pain felt during the epilation session. Apply our Shea Body Milk to give your skin suppleness and nutrition. Finally, before your start epilation, take a hot bath or shower to allow the pores to dilate and thus facilitate epilation.

Our anti-pain tips

The pain of epilation can sometimes be unbearable, but there are tips to help relieve it.

After epilation, apply cold water to the inflamed areas to relieve the pain. You can also apply cold more locally by using ice cubes in a thin towel and leave them on the affected area for a few seconds. The ice cube will have a temporary anesthetic effect that will allow you to remove hair without pain.

Another natural solution that everyone agrees on is to use a potato. Cut the potato in half and apply it directly to your skin. The starch in the potato has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Finally, use an Alun stone wihich has healing and antiseptic properties. It is ideal for not feeling pain during your epilation. Simply mold the Alum stone and slide it over your skin.

To avoid damaging your skin and to allow it to regenerate, certain gestures should be avoided:

  • Exposure to the sun is strongly contraindicated after epilation. Indeed, the sun’s rays have destructive effects on the skin because the skin is fragile and irritated, but with exposure to the sun there is a risk of burning and blistering.
  • Care products containing alcohol should be avoided because of the risk of burning or stinging. Opt for natural and moisturizing care products.
  • Even though it is recommended to exfoliate the skin a few days before epilation, it is not recommended to do in the days following epilation to avoid irritating the skin.
  • Avoid wearing tight jeans right after epilation. The rubbing that jeans create on your already damaged skin could lead to infections.

Discover here our DIY soothing cream with Shea Butter to soothe hair removal irritations.

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