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After the start of the school year, the beginning of autumn marks the return of rainy weather and cold temperatures. The capricious weather makes our body and our mind more fragile. Discover in this article the good reflexes to adopt for this autumn.

A crucial transition for our hair

Fall is the season when the leaves fall from the trees. This is also the case for our hair: it is called seasonal hair loss. While it is harmless for many people, it is a source of anxiety for others. Hair will fall out all year round, but in the fall, the hair loss process is more severe. It can fall out 2 to 4 times more often than usual because more hair comes to the end of its life in September/October.

This is because the heat and sunlight encourage their growth but after the summer period, part of the hair will finish its life in the fall and will drop. This phenomenon is normal and happens occasionally: it lasts from 4 to 6 weeks. In order to limit hair loss, you should use a gentle shampoo, such as our So Vintage Shampoo Milk Cream, then massage your scalp. This will make it more supple and consequently, oxygenate it thanks to the vascularization in order to promote hair growth.

Time to relax

The arrival of autumn brings with it the stress of going back to work, fatigue, lack of light and temperature changes. In order to regain energy and clear your mind, we take time for ourself with a nice hot bubble bath! The hot water in the bath moisturizes and strengthens the heart, but also allows the body to warm up and free itself of toxins. To prolong this moment of well-being, prepare an infusion of anti-stress plants.

Among the most effective ingredients: the Bitter Orange with its soothing virtues, mallow for relaxation, passionflower acts as an anti-anxiety and chamomile for better sleep. Finally, performing a breathing exercise helps to get rid of stress. To do this, breathe in for three seconds through your nose and concentrate on the feeling of your belly inflating. Hold for a few seconds and then exhale through your mouth, relaxing and emptying the air in your belly. This exercise is to be repeated three times in a row in case of stress.

We pay attention to our lips!

The Scrub

Our lips are fragile and deserve special attention, especially at this time of year when the weather is changing. The first thing to do is to gently get rid of dead skin. Mix a teaspoon of fine sugar and a teaspoon of Olive or Sweet Almond oil to make a natural scrub for your lips. The scrub will remove all the dead skin cells with circular movements.


To complete this treatment, you must also moisturize your lips. This requires the regular use of a lip balm, even when they are not dry. To moisturize your lips, use our Shea Lip Stick, whose rich formula moisturizes and repairs damaged lips. Finally, the secret to beautiful lips is continuous moisturizing, even when your lips are not dry. 

Discover here other beauty tips for this fall.

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