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Our advice for a restful sleep

Sleep is essential for our health, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. According to studies, the optimal sleeping would be between 7 and 9 hours per night. It recharges our batteries after a day but also stimulates the nervous system, the memory and regulates the metabolism (to avoid overweight, diabetes, …). Moreover, skin cells regenerate at night, so a good sleep is necessary for a beautiful skin. While a lack of sleep can be dangerous, it affects physical and psychological recovery, it also increases irritability and makes the complexion dull with dark circles.

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For over 15 years, we are sharing our passion for Shea Butter through our great range of skin care products, trying to make you thrive in the skin you're in. It was time to take a step further and introduce our Journal, a place where we pin genuine tips, beauty routine and inspirations. You will find a glimpse of our colorful and delicate universe, and we hope it will echo your thoughts and beauty concerns. Share back, we want you take part in this community around Shea Butter. Enjoy !

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