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Oily skin, acne, blackheads… On a daily basis, sebum excess can be a real burden. Discover today our tips to get rid of it!

Sebum excess: what is it?

Secreted by the sebaceous glands, sebum, composed of lipids, is essential to our skin. It protects it from dryness, while helping to keep the epidermis moisturized.

Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for the skin to generate too much sebum: this is known as hyperseborrhea. This creates an imbalance, called sebum excess.

This imbalance has consequences on the beauty of our skin. If the skin is initially shiny, particularly on the entire “T-zone”, sebum excess is also associated with the appearance of imperfections: blackheads, dilated pores, acne… Thus, in general, treating sebum excess helps to cleanse the skin of our face.

What are the causes?

During puberty, sebum excess is often linked to the production of hormones. But in adulthood, the causes of its appearance can be multiple: prolonged exposure to the sun, unsuitable cosmetic care, stress, fatigue, age, climate…

Overall, sebum excess appears when the skin feels stressed or dry. It is a natural reaction of the epidermis to protect itself from external aggressions. Nevertheless, with an adapted beauty routine, this phenomenon can be avoided.

How can it be eliminated?


The first reflex to adopt is the cleansing, because it allows you to eliminate the sebum that has accumulated on your skin during the day.

After removing your make-up, cleanse your face with water and our Milk Cream Perfume Shea Soap. It will rid your skin of its sebum excess, without aggressing or drying it out.


It is also important to apply a purifying treatment to eliminate all imperfections. Once or twice a week, apply our Shea Radiance Mask. It combines moisturizing Shea Butter with White Clay, known for its remineralizing and purifying properties, to help you gently restore radiant, clear skin. Find a purified, radiant and fresh complexion.


Skin that secretes too much sebum is a mixed to oily skin, which nevertheless needs hydration and protection.

So remember to use our Shea Day Lotion. Specially designed for normal to combination skin, it penetrates quickly to restore soft, supple skin day after day. Moreover, it does not leave an oily film and a sticky sensation on your skin.

Eat healthy

Daily, our diet also has an impact on the appearance of our skin. So pay attention to what is on your plate!

Avoid industrial foods, which are too fatty and salty, and favour natural foods: fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, soya, cereals, poultry… The important thing is to adopt a balanced diet.

You now have all the cards in hand to overcome excess sebum. Say goodbye to your shiny skin!

And to find out how to adapt your beauty routine to spring, it is here!

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