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When you are on the move, the real puzzle is to ask yourself what you are going to take so that you do not miss anything and do not get bogged down either. One thing is sure, wherever you go, the must-have in your suitcase is the Vanity! We are going to unveil our 5 essentials that will follow you everywhere to take care of you wherever you are.

Macaron Soap

Thanks to our Macaron Soap, gently cleanse your body and hands while enjoying all the benefits of Shea Butter (soothing, moisturising, nourishing and softening). Very useful, its small size allows you to take it everywhere with you.  Apply it to wet skin, lather up and rinse with clear water.

Hand Cream 30 mL

Our Shea Hand Cream 30 mL will take care of your hands wherever you go. With its formula based on Shea Butter, it nourishes and protects your hands. Its size allows you to slip it directly into your purse.

Take one of our Shea Hand Cream 30 mL with you for soft hands all day long.

Lip stick

Because there is nothing more uncomfortable than chapped lips, take our Shea Bee Wax Lip Stick with you. Its melting texture moisturises and protects your lips in a single step. Its stick format is convenient and allows you to apply it as many times as necessary throughout the day.

Pocket mirror

The essential accessory: the pocket mirror. Its small size allows you to slip it into your handbag or pocket. There are even illuminated pocket mirrors, perfect for the evening or when the lighting is not strong. This accessory will save you more than once!


Because you do not have room to take a Vanity or a large toilet bag with you, choose one of our Pouches. Their size will allow you to take your beauty essentials with you.

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