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Coconut Oil is a natural vegetable oil, extracted cold from the coconut by pressing. Because of its rich nutrient content, it has become the essential ingredient in any beauty routine.

An unequalled richness

Native to Southeast Asia and Polynesia, Coconut Oil has been used for thousands of years, particularly in cooking, for its nutritional benefits. But if it has made a privileged place for itself in cosmetics, this is due to the presence of its various active ingredients with surprising virtues.

Enriched with essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3, as well as lauric and myristic acid, its composition gives it a lipid-replenishing action, promoting its absorption by the skin and scalp.

It also contains a real vitamin cocktail! Among the latter, there is vitamin E, with antioxidant virtues, or vitamins A, B3, B5 and B6.

An asset for…

The skin

Coconut Oil is the ally of dry and rough skins! Extremely nourishing, it can be applied to the face or body for deep moisturizing, or used for its repairing virtues. Very soft, it also has a soothing action and is therefore suitable for sensitive skin. It then helps to fight against redness.

You can also take advantage of its smoothing and softening virtues by applying it all over your body! Indeed, this vegetable oil proves to be effective against stretch marks, by attenuating their appearance, but also against cellulite. To reinforce this effect, use it as a massage oil on the areas you wish to target.

Institut Karité Paris invites you to test this miracle oil through its So Garden Liquid Soaps collection! Rich in Coconut Oil, these soaps gently cleanse your skin while moisturizing it. They will surely give you well-being and comfort.


Coconut Oil has a global action, so that it can even be applied to the hair in an oil bath or mask. It moisturizes and strengthens the scalp, deeply nourishes and restores suppleness to the hair. Say goodbye to dry and brittle hair with it!

Apply it to your lengths and ends and leave on for 1 hour. Then rinse with water and wash your hair with our Shea Shampoo. Your hair will come out shinier than ever before.

We also love the fresh and exotic scent of this heavenly oil!

And for even more pleasure, discover the benefits of Sweet Almond Oil!

If you want to learn more about Vegetable Oils and discover which one is right for you, it’s this way.

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