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With age and daily aggressions, the skin loses its suppleness and radiance. Facial massage can then be a solution to restore firmness. Discover in this article its benefits and techniques of application.

What is facial massage?

A very popular technique in Asia for years, facial massage means applying a care product while massaging the face. It can be carried out in different ways with various tools and helps to improve the general aspect of the skin.

The benefits of facial massage are numerous. Indeed, it improves blood circulation and thus restores radiance and suppleness to the skin. Moreover, it is an excellent anti-aging gesture because it lifts the face by lifting the muscles and firming the skin. A very relaxing moment, the facial massage relieves stress and localized tension in the face, such as frowning.  Finally, when it is applied with a skincare product, such as our Moisturizing Day Cream, it improves its effectiveness because the formula penetrates the skin better for deep moisturizing.

How to make a facial massage?

You can choose to make your facial massage in a beauty salon but it is also possible to make it at home. You can use your fingers or special accessories such as a Jade Roller or a Gua Sha: these stone tools have soothing and healing properties.

Before the massage, start by cleansing your skin, with our Micellar Water for example, and proceed to your usual skincare routine. If you use a serum, tonic or lotion, apply them by tapping lightly to facilitate their absorption. Then it’s time for a facial massage. Warm a few drops of vegetable oil in your hands and apply it to your face to avoid irritating your skin.

Some gestures to adopt:

  • To smooth the forehead, place your thumb on the temples and three other fingers between the eyebrows, then massage by smoothing from the inside towards the temples.
  • With the palms of the hands flat, massage dynamically from the chin to the eye area.
  • Tap the eye area to stimulate blood circulation.

The facial massage should ideally last between 3 and 5 minutes and be repeated several times a week to be more effective.

For more anti-aging tips, discover our article on skin ageing.

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