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Used in cosmetics for its warm and bewitching fragrance, it often takes us back to long summer days. Discover today the story of the one we commonly call “Neroli”.

What is Orange Blossom?

There are two types of orange tree: the sweet orange tree and the bitter orange tree.

The Orange Blossom grows on the Bitter Orange shrub. Mainly cultivated in Tunisia and Morocco, as well as in the South of France, it is the symbol of the Mediterranean basin and summer.

Its flowering takes place between mid-March and mid-April. Growers pick the flowers at dawn, when it is still fresh. Once picked, they only have about ten hours before the flowers wilt. The floral water is then obtained through a process of distillation and extraction.

In the form of essential oil or hydrosol, this flower has multiple properties: soothing, relaxing, refreshing … So many virtues that make it essential!

Mysterious origins

The origin of the Orange Blossom remains uncertain: it appeared in India for some, in China for others, or in a more remote part of Asia Minor… No one can agree.

Nevertheless, its use dates back at least to Antiquity. A symbol of fertility, young women about to get married wore it as a wreath.

The Orange Blossom was first successful in the Arab world, and then followed the expansion of the Empire throughout the Mediterranean basin. Nevertheless, this exotic treasure was not introduced to Provence until the 11th century, at the time of the Crusades.

A bewitching perfume

Orange Blossom can be used in the form of essential oil, especially as skin care. As a tonic, it awakens the epidermis by giving it a real glow! Soothing, it is perfectly suited to the most sensitive skin. Antioxidant and toning, it prevents the appearance of the first fine lines and other signs of aging, such as skin slackening.

Nevertheless, if the cosmetics industry makes extensive use of it, it is because of its unique fragrance. Greedy and comforting, it inspires us with warmth and sunshine, and reminds us of our childhood, our summer holidays with the family in the sweet South of France.

If you wish to succumb to this delicate perfume, why not opt for our So Vintage Marseille Liquid Soap? This Soap with the fruity and zesty scent of Orange Blossom will cleanse your skin without drying it out. Enriched with vegetable oils and glycerin, it will leave your skin soft and refreshed. Immerse yourself in the heat of summer and enjoy a gourmet break under the freshness and softness of orange trees.

Your skin is now scented with Orange Blossom, you are ready for the arrival of fine weather. The long summer days are yours!

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