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Have you ever dreamed of erasing the small fine lines on your forehead or between your eyebrows? We reveal the benefits of our essential Anti-Aging ingredients….

What is the skin aging process?

Even if we try to avoid it, skin aging will happen. With age, the epidermis produces less collagen and elastin, cell renewal becomes more complicated, aging skin due to the multiple attacks it undergoes, it is less elastic and less firm. Then, first fine lines and wrinkles appear.

How to reduce the effects?

The most natural way to fight the development of these marks is to moisturize your skin. Full of water, the skin will be more toned, more reactive to external attacks and more resistant. Your best partner in countering the first signs of aging is Shea Butter. Thanks to a powerful natural composition, it hydrates the skin and nourishes it in depth. Its four vitamins A, D E and F have a real antioxidant action, facilitating the regeneration of skin cells. Its invisible film on your skin will protect your epidermis from external aggressions, and from urban pollution.

Brown Seaweed, an essential iodized active ingredient for your skin!

A very effective remedy can plump your skin gently: Shea Butter and Brown Seaweed.

Algae have existed for millennia, they appeared on earth before bacteria. Adaptable plants, they live in a sea environment or in fresh water, they can be tiny or measure several meters.

The Brown Seaweed looks like a large oak leaf and grows in deep waters. It is a plant rich in fatty acids and sterols, which allows the stimulation of the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen to restore suppleness and tone to the skin. It strengthens the hydrolipidic film and acts effectively against skin dryness and cellular aging.

It is to resist their changing environment, between air and sea, that algae have developed moisturizing properties, so as not to dry out when the sea recedes. At the mercy of the tides, they have evolved and protected themselves by producing molecules, the secondary metabolites.The algae extract that you find in our Anti-Aging Range is made up of several varieties of Brown Seaweed. A true source of nutrients for your skin, this plant not only supports the hydrating properties of Shea Butter, but also adds its toning and antioxidant properties.

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