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At this time of the year, our skin is struggling more than ever against external aggressions, especially against the cold and wind, and some areas are proving to be more affected than others. To help you win your skin battle against winter, we are now offering you our tailor-made guide to protect your skin in every way!

Why is the skin more fragile in winter?

In winter, our bodies have to adapt to sudden changes in temperature, which affect the balance and proper functioning of the skin’s metabolism. Thus, in addition to the daily aggressions (pollution, irritations following washing or make-up removal, use of aggressive products…), our skin leads a flawless battle against external environmental aggressions, and the effects are quickly felt: lack of sebum, radiance, hydration… In addition, while the face is the most vulnerable area due to its constant exposure to the cold, the rest of our body is also at the mercy of winter ailments: dryness, tightness, roughness, itching… A global beauty routine is therefore essential!

Facial care: bet on hydration!

As you’ve understood, the skin on the face is the first to suffer. To protect it, it is essential to adapt your beauty routine. In winter, we suggest you choose our Shea Day Cream: enriched with Shea Butter, it will bring hydration and softness to dry to very dry skin. Once the sun goes down, alternate with our Shea Night Cream, which, being richer in nature, will help your skin regenerate. For optimal protection, we also recommend that you apply a moisturizing mask, like our Shea Hydra Mask, once or twice a week. Furthermore, we recommend that you avoid rinsing with warm water, which tends to affect the skin’s humidity. With this new facial ritual, you won’t have to fear the cold anymore!

Comfort at the tip of your lips

Lips are also one of the areas that are extremely sensitive to the cold. As the skin is very thin, it is necessary to take great care of them. We recommend that you gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells, then apply our Shea Lip Stick enriched with Bee’s Wax and Shea Butter, which will moisturize and repair your skin as you apply it.

Creams that will fit you like a glove!

Third area on the front line: our hands! Although they can occasionally find refuge in thick mittens, the best solution against the effects of the cold (dryness, chapping…) is still the daily application of a cream. We thus recommend the use of our Shea Hand Creams, which will enable you to prevent dryness and will bring you comfort and softness. During this period, they will fit you like a glove!

Protected from head to toe

Under our layers of clothing, the skin of our body unfortunately does not escape the winter aggressions, and can be brought to become uncomfortable. Indeed, less protected, its hydrolipidic film weakens. To remedy this, it is essential to strengthen the protective barrier of our epidermis. Enriched in fatty acids, our Shea Butter is the ideal solution for a complete and in-depth hydration. Our delicately scented Shea Body Milks are also excellent allies and will provide your skin with all the moisture and softness it needs. With them, say goodbye to tightness!

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