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We don’t hear much about it, it is less adopted in skin care routines, but night cream is a must have that should not be ignored! We’ll explain why…

Indeed, it is when you sleep that the skin regenerates itself the most. The organism takes advantage of this rest to repair the aggressions suffered during the day, such as UV filters, pollution, stress, … The peak of renewal is between 1 and 4 am, which is the best time to boost this process.

What is the purpose of the night cream?

It helps to reconstitute a good quality hydrolipidic film (protective barrier of the skin) during the night. Its formulation is richer in active ingredients in order to act in depth and provide the skin what it needs to regenerate itself. Thus, it can have different actions: anti-ageing, moisturising, anti-spot …

The difference with the day cream

Their concentration of active ingredients is different. The day cream has a protective action for aggressions while the night cream favours repair.

A night cream cannot replace a day cream and inversely. Applying a day cream at night is not adapted, it will not be as effective. About applying a night cream during the day, it is not recommended either. Indeed, it contains less protective active ingredients, and its texture will not be pleasant to wear all day long.

As you will have understood, they are complementary. It is therefore recommended to use both at the appropriate times.

Would you like to discover the night cream?

To complete your face routine, Institut Karité offers you two night creams:

The Shea Moisturizing Night Cream with a milk cream scent suitable for all skin types. Or for mature skin, the Shea Anti-Aging Night Cream with a cotton cloud scent.

When and how to apply it?

It is recommended to apply it 30 minutes before bedtime, don’t forget that a good sleep favours beautiful skin!

Once the skin has been cleansed, apply with rotating movements from bottom to top, without forgetting the neck and neckline, to stimulate circulation and improve the absorption of active ingredients.

Discover our tips for an even more radiant skin in the morning.

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