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By Léa M. on 09 Sept. 2019 :

Product rated : Shea Hair Treatment 165 mL Milk Cream Ce masque est juste...

By Clementina M. on 27 Aug. 2019 :

Product rated : So Garden Marseille Liquid Soap - Lemon Verbena 500 mL Un ottimo sapone liquido,...

By Clementina M. on 27 Aug. 2019 :

Product rated : Shea Body Milk 500 mL Milk Cream Eccellente.!! Idrata in...

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Shea Butters

Enjoy what the best of nature has to offer thanks to these super rich Shea Butter beauty treatments. Our highly concentrated formulas in vitamins, precious oils and fatty acids deliver the ultimate lasting comfort and moisturizing action. These products will deeply nourish your skin and hair. Butter or oil textures, perfumed or not, deluxe format or travel size, choose your favourite one.

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