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By sophie R. on 05 Oct. 2019 :

Product rated : Shea Hand Cream So Chic 75 mL Lily of the Valley lovely deep floral...

By Alain K. on 10 Sept. 2019 :

Product rated : 100 % Pure Shea Butter 10 mL Fragrance-free Du karité et rien d'autre,...

By Léa M. on 09 Sept. 2019 :

Product rated : Shea Hair Treatment 165 mL Milk Cream Ce masque est juste...

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Hand and Foot Cream

Hands and feet are usually forgotten, but these body areas have specific needs. Cold weather, wind or sun, pollution, these dry areas require deep hydration. Discover our ultra nourishing or lightweight formulas to soften and protect hands through an infinite collection of scents... Find the scent that suits your every mood and desire.

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