Methods of Payment

The Customer may pay for the products on the Website by choosing one preferred method of payment. The Customer declares to hold the necessary authorization to use the chosen method of payment.

The Seller certifies to take all the necessary measurements to ensure the security and the privacy of the data transmitted online while using the online payment methods on the Website.

The banking information exchanged to process the payment on the Website is transmitted to the Website’s Bank and they are not processed on the Website.


Date of payment

When proceeding to a one-time credit-card payment, the Customer’s bank account will be debited as the order of the Products is confirmed on the Website.

In case of partial delivery, the total amount will be debited from the Customer’s bank account once the first parcel will be shipped.

Shall the Customer decide to cancel the order, the refund will occur according to the modalities described in the last paragraph of the Article 5.5. of these General Termes of Sale.


Delayed or Denied Payment

Should the Bank refuses to debit a credit-card or any other method of payment, the Customer shall contact the Seller’s Customer Service and provide another method of payment for the order.

For any reason whatsoever should the Bank deny the transfer of the sum due by the Customer, the order is canceled, and the agreement is terminated.

Payment methods

- Mercanet, the BNP PARIBAS bank system 

- PayPal, the bank card payment solution