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Do you know the origin of Valentine’s Day?

Historians are still debating the origins of this celebration. In Antiquity, February 14th corresponds to the Lupercales, festive days where the fertility god Lupercus was celebrated.

Another legend tells that during a period of prohibition of marriage in the IIIrd century, by the emperor Claudius II, Saint Valentine secretly arranged the marriages. February 14th would be the date of its execution.

This celebration has been a real custom since the Middle Ages. Celebrations were organized to honor lovers and to allow singles to find their soul mate. From the 19th century, this celebration was spread and the practice of exchanging cards containing little words of love was developed. “Valentines” cards become symbols of Valentine’s Day.

A romantic place ?

The romantic city Paris is the ideal place to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Discover the good addresses in the capital of love:

A dancing night

Clubs in Paris have decided to celebrate love on the dance floors! Le Baiser Salé will make you rediscover the greatest jazz classics from Ella Fitzgerald to Stevie Wonder. Le Petit Bain, a floating club in the 13th arrondissement, will be on a beat more electro with the How to Love Festival! Many clubs are concocting an evening around love theme…

A candlelit dinner

Don’t just have butterflies for this romantic evening. A multitude of choices of Parisian restaurants are available to you! Le Grand Amour, Le Grand Coeur… Restaurants with names that are well chosen for this occasion.

A romantic cultural moment

For this special evening, enjoy a cultural outing as a couple. Discover the famous sculpture “Le Baiser” at the Rodin Museum during the Love evening. Also, don’t miss the exhibition “Les Coeurs” at the Museum of Romantic Life.

The original gift!

All you need now is a nice gift to give to your soul mate. Let’s have a look on our suggestions :

For Her
For Him

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