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Throughout the ages, the Rose has, through its intoxicating scent, conquered the world of beauty and fragrance. From Damascus to Grasse, come and discover the incredible journey of this “Queen of Flowers”.

Summer and Autumn in Damascus

It is in Damascus, the current capital of Syria, that the Rosa damascena has taken up residence. This hybrid rose, born from the cross between the rose of France and that of Phoenicia, is considered to be one of the oldest that can exist. It has a special flowering period, since it extends beyond the summer. As a result, it is possible to distinguish two varieties: the summer rose and the autumn rose.

Nevertheless, the Damask rose is known for a completely different characteristic: its fragrance. Of unequalled delicacy, it is now sought after by the greatest perfumers for the marketing of rose essence.

From East to West

It was not until the 12th century that the Crusades brought back to France the heritage of Damascus: the Rose. Legend has it that Robert de Brie, arriving from Persia, deposited it in Provins in 1254. Since then, other varieties, intentionally or spontaneously hybridized, have appeared.

In Versailles, Marie Antoinette was particularly fond of the Rose. During her ceremonial toilet, the scent of her perfume let this delicate flower shine through as a heart note.

Empress Josephine de Beauharnais also had a great passion for the famous “Fleur de l’amour”. Thus, at the beginning of the 19th century, she brought Roses from all over the world to complete her fabulous collection and embellish the sublime garden of her residence, the Château de Malmaison.

Today, Institut Karité Paris honors this exceptional flower, symbol of passion and beauty, through its Rose Mademoiselle collection, and associates it with the most romantic city in the world, Paris. Treat your hands to our Shea Hand Cream, adorned with a romantic Parisian floral design.

Grasse cultivates Rarity

Nowadays, if Damascus remains a priceless breeding ground, Grasse has become its sumptuous French equal. As you stroll through these exceptional gardens, you may be lucky enough to come across the Rosa centifolia.

This rose is a descendant of the Damascus and Alba rose. It first appeared in Holland in the 16th century and today there are more than 200 varieties. Like the Damascus Rose, it is extremely used in perfumery, due to its delicate and subtle scent.

Try your hand at adventure and also discover the mysteries behind our other floral collections!

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