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Femme endormie, le visage de profil

The epidermis, the dermis, the pH of the skin… is no more a secret for you? Today, we introduce you to the mechanisms used during skin regeneration!

How does skin renewal work?

The upper layer of the epidermis, in contact with the outside world during the day, has an insulating role. Composed of cells linked together by lipids, this layer called “stratum corneum” is renewed regularly.

The epidermis is mainly made up of cells called keratinocytes. They form in the lower layers of the epidermis and not in the stratum corneum. Dead cells are driven out by the arrival of new cells from the lower layers of the epidermis. These new cells take over and fulfil their barrier role! This natural mechanism is called flaking. Without it, the skin would no longer properly perform its functions of antibacterial barrier and water retention: the complexion would become dull and the skin would lose suppleness.

How to support this nocturnal mechanism?

It is at night, during sleep, that the skin regenerates. You can help this mechanism with a few simple actions. Here is the routine that we recommend:

– Daily washing and removing make-up from the face rids the pores of impurities and pollution accumulated during the day.

– Delicately remove dead cells from the surface of the skin with regular scrub is highly recommended.

– Remember to nourish your skin at night and not just during the day. During the day, choose the Shea Day Cream or the Shea Day Lotion. In the evening, do not hesitate to supplement your beauty routine with the Shea Night Cream.

Little lips tip?

The same regeneration mechanism occurs for the skin of the lips. However, unlike facial skin which can have up to 16 cell layers, the lips only have 3 to 5! They therefore dry out more quickly and are more sensitive to external aggressions. After a very gentle exfoliation, you can count on Shea Butter and Beeswax to support them, with our scented Lip Stick!

You now know everything about the cellular renewal mechanism!

Want to discover what is your skin type? It is this way!

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