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Overexposed and highly stressed during summer, the skin is often dry and dull at the beginning of autumn. After roughing your skin between sun, chlorine, saltwater and sunscreen, which have punctuated your summer, it’s time to adapt your routine to the new needs of your skin.

A more appropriate face routine

Who says change of season also says change of his beauty routine! It is important to progressively integrate care adapted to decreasing temperatures. To palliate the arrival of the winter,  the operative words: hydration.

It is especially important to focus on richer treatments to nourish the skin deeply. The light textures of summer will not be enough to hydrate your skin properly. You have to put them aside and choose richer creams based on Shea Butter, for example

Remember that skin regenerates at night. It recovers assaults suffered during the day such as sun, cold, pollution. It is therefore important to use a suitable cream that will help your skin rehydrate, firm and repair itself.

It is advisable to complete your moisturizing ritual with a moisturizing mask once or twice a week to give your skin a boost during this delicate period.

Finally, do not forget to pamper the contour of your eyes, with very fine and sensitive skin, to avoid dehydration lines, dark circles, but also a feeling of discomfort and tightness during the treatment. day.

A cocooning body routine

Even if we are very busy in this month of September, we do not forget to take care of his body! Indeed, the hydration of the body is as important as the hydration of the face.

For this daily routine to be enjoyable, we put on a fluid and pleasant texture that penetrates quickly into the skin and we choose greedy and comforting fragrances such as Almond & Honey perfume.

If your skin is very dry, do not hesitate to apply to a small amount of shea butter to a daily care to deeply hydrated and nourish your skin.

A restorative hair routine

As for the skin, at each change of season, the transition is not always smooth for our hair. It is also possible that your hair is also still recovering from the damage caused by the summer.

Find all our tips to invigorate your hair with a hair routine adapted here:

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