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Considered as an ancestral cure, white clay is one of the natural minerals with the most virtues. It is widely used in cosmetics for sensitive, dry, and dehydrated skin, but also for therapeutic purposes. Discover the origins and benefits of this natural ingredient with a thousand virtues.

Where does it come from?

It seems that the existence of the clay goes back to prehistoric times! But it is in China, in Kaoling, that white clay was discovered, hence its frequent name Kaolin. It is highly known for its high silica and mineral salts content. Thanks to its composition, it nourishes the skin with minerals such as iron, zinc, aluminium, magnesium, potassium, … and many others. White clay is often used for the skin, but not only. Here are a few examples: it can be used as a hair mask or as a bleaching agent for teeth and for laundry too.

What are its benefits?

Cleansing and purifying, white clay helps to eliminate impurities and absorb sebum excess. But not only… It also reveals radiance, the tired complexion gives way to a glowing face. For dry and dehydrated skin, white clay will provide a gentle micro exfoliation without damaging your skin, while offering an envelope of hydration. For mature skin, it helps to firm and smooth the skin to regain a supple and radiant skin. Finally, white clay can be used on scratches and cuts to promote healing.

Want to take advantage of this miracle powder virtues?

Find the alliance of White Clay and Shea Butter in the Radiance Mask by Institut Karité Paris.  Their amazing hydrating and purifying properties make your skin feel clear and pure. Glow is boosted.

For an even more radiant skin, discover our DIY recipe for an Apricot and Carrot Face Cream!

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