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In winter, the skin is harshly affected by the cold and the wind. We explain you today why the skin is that much affected and how to protect it during the winter.

Why is the skin more sensitive during winter ?

During this winter season, our skin is facing with temperature changes, especially between the cold outside and the heat inside. These significant variations cause disturbances in the functioning of the skin metabolism.

In order to preserve the heat and hydration of our organism, the epidermis concentrates its forces on actions other than protecting the skin. Fatty acids originally responsible for maintaining good skin protection are less effective, leading to a lack of sebum. The drop in light also affects cell renewal, resulting in a lack of radiance. The skin no longer correctly removes dead cells, thereby promoting their accumulation.

Thus, the protective actions of the skin metabolism are slowed down. The skin, more vulnerable, is significantly more sensitive to external environmental aggressions, but also to daily aggressions (excessive washing with hot water, excessively aggressive make-up removers, etc.). Therefore, the skin is under the threat of dry skin.

What are the different effects of cold on the skin ?

  • Itching,
  • Appearance of scales,
  • Roughness,
  • Slower healing,
  • Dry lips,
  • Chapping (cracked hands at the joints)

How can I protect my skin ?


Lack of hydration can be prevented by taking good care of the skin and body. So, remember to drink enough water so that the upper and lower dermal layers are hydrated. Also, very hot baths are not recommended. This is because heat and steam tend to remove moisture from the skin. We therefore advise you to prefer showers at room temperature with soft cares such as our Shower and Washing Creams based on Shea Butter.


Gently exfoliate the skin is necessary to remove dead cells. After exfoliation, you need to hydrate your skin.

We recommend moisturizing face care with products such as our Day Cream or our Day Lotion depending on your skin type. For the body, our delicately scented Body Milks will leave your skin soft and hydrated.


The skin is less well protected in winter. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen its hydrolipidic film, which main function is to form a protective barrier.

To contribute to this strengthening, we suggest that you help your skin to regulate itself with cares rich in fatty acids. Shea Butter is one of the key products to choose. Among many of its virtuous properties, it will allow your skin to be deeply hydrated, thus guaranteeing a strengthening of the hydrolipidic film.

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