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By sophie R. on 05 Oct. 2019 :

Product rated : Shea Hand Cream So Chic 75 mL Lily of the Valley lovely deep floral...

By Alain K. on 10 Sept. 2019 :

Product rated : 100 % Pure Shea Butter 10 mL Fragrance-free Du karité et rien d'autre,...

By Léa M. on 09 Sept. 2019 :

Product rated : Shea Hair Treatment 165 mL Milk Cream Ce masque est juste...

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Push the "pause" button in life with our relaxing beauty treatments. Lightweight, whipped or creamy textures, enjoy a feeling of relaxation. Our luxurious scents, revealing the best of nature, will envelop your skin with a subtle and delicious perfumed veil. A daily beauty treatment for a smooth and super soft skin.

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