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By Léa M. on 09 Sept. 2019 :

Product rated : Shea Hair Treatment 165 mL Milk Cream Ce masque est juste...

By Clementina M. on 27 Aug. 2019 :

Product rated : So Garden Marseille Liquid Soap - Lemon Verbena 500 mL Un ottimo sapone liquido,...

By Clementina M. on 27 Aug. 2019 :

Product rated : Shea Body Milk 500 mL Milk Cream Eccellente.!! Idrata in...

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Gentlemen, Institut Karité Paris pays tribute to the traditional shaving. Get ready for a 100% Shea Butter beauty routine with high quality formulas and ultra vintage packaging. Shaving soap, after-shave balm, face cream… Our beauty essentials are enriched with the amazing Shea Butter and wrapped in a luxurious aluminium packaging to take care of your beard and of your skin. So Hipster !

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