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We love our hair and take good care of it. However, we often have to face a recurring problem that combines two opposing phenomena: oily roots and dry ends.

The oily effect is caused by an excess of sebum at the roots because it is not distributed correctly throughout the hair. As a result, the ends are less nourished, and they dry out. Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous glands, which are distributed throughout the body and on the scalp. This sebum is necessary to moisturise and protect our skin, but its overproduction can cause discomfort.

What happens in this case? Excess sebum accumulates in the scalp and suffocates the roots, so the hair becomes more fragile.

What can cause this?

  • Sweating and heat increase sebum secretion.
  • An unbalanced diet directly affects the appearance of your hair and skin.
  • Small gestures, such as putting your hair back behind your ears, playing with a hair strand, etc. should be avoided. At these moments, you bring dirt that will accentuate the oily effect.
  • Frequent shampoo can damage the hydrolipidic film and weaken the hair. This film protects and regulates scalp moisture.
  • Too much brushing. It is true that brushing distributes sebum throughout the hair. But brushing too often activates the sebaceous glands, which can lead to an overproduction of sebum.
  • Heat from straighteners, curlers and hair dryers directly damages the ends.
  • The use of chemical products, especially when colouring and bleaching, causes hair to lose its shine and suppleness.

The right habits to adopt to regain a good balance

First, you need to adapt your haircare routine, with a purifying treatment to regulate sebum and a soft treatment to calm your scalp and moisturise your lengths.

For a soft shampoo, Institut Karité Paris offers you its So Vintage Shea Shampoo with Milk Cream fragrance. Its creamy and nourishing formula, enriched with Shea Butter, helps to nourish them for a gently cleanse.

In order to rebalance your scalp, wash your hair no more than twice a week. If you find difficult to reduce the frequency of washing, use dry shampoo and tie them up, no one will notice. Don’t forget that we often get anxious about this, but it is hardly noticeable!

Before shampoo, you can apply a green clay purifying mask to the roots. It will absorb sebum excess and allow your scalp to breathe. When applying shampoo, massage your scalp, don’t rub it, at the risk of making the sebaceous glands react. For the ends, apply Shea Butter as a mask before shampoo to deeply nourish and repair. Our 100% Pure Shea Butter will be perfect..

If you can’t do without heat appliances, it is important to apply a protective care before using them.

Finally, change your pillowcases regularly. After several days of use, bacteria accumulate. Pores and hair will then become obstructed by accumulated dirt and sebum. That’s why you need a clean pillowcase.

Now you have all the tools you need to find the right balance!

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