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Your hair keeps on breaking and you can’t reach the desired length? Discover our tips to boost hair growth!

Easy gestures to adopt

  • Massaging the scalp with fingertips regularly stimulates blood circulation and, consequently, hair growth.
  • Use a brush that gently untangles: brushes with plastic tips irritate the scalp and weaken the hair.
  • Once or twice a month, apply a scalp scrub to remove all impurities and excess sebum and tone the roots.
  • Limit the use of heat appliances (hair dryer, straightener…) because they dry out the hair and make it more brittle.

Adopt a proper hair routine

Having a proper routine is essential to accelerate the hair growth. First of all, forget the idea that applying multiple care products every day is the secret to long, beautiful hair. In fact, it’s better to space out shampoos and focus on treatments once or twice a week.

Before your shampoo, untangle your hair with a proper brush before applying a mask with Shea Butter to nourish and repair your hair. Then wash with a gentle-washing shampoo, such as our Shea Shampoo, to soothe the scalp and soften the lengths. Don’t forget the conditioner step, which helps to strengthen the hair from the root and stimulate the growth. Finally, complete your routine by applying 1 to 2 drops of vegetable oil (castor oil, mustard, avocado…) that provides the vitamins necessary for hair growth.

An appropriate diet

Hair growth can be accelerated by a healthy diet rich in vitamins B, C, E and proteins. Indeed, these strengthen the hair, limit hair breakage and stimulate blood circulation. Thus, favour the consumption of fatty fish such as salmon, cereals, or green vegetables. You can also begin a cure of food supplements that accelerate hair growth while strengthening the lengths.

Discover how to pamper your hair with our Nourishing and Protective Hair Care with Shea Butter recipe.

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