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Stretch marks, pregnancy mask, dry skin… While your body is preparing to give birth, your skin must adapt to major changes. Find out today how to take care of it during this very special time.

Why does our skin change?

Hormones, nausea, extreme tiredness… During all stages of pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes major changes, and there are many of them! Among them, there is the change in our skin.

Indeed, the skin is brought to transform itself following an important peak of hormones. It weakens our epidermis, making it less elastic and drier than before.

However, as pregnancy progresses, the skin is suddenly and intensely stretched. In order to try to avoid the appearance of stretch marks and maintain a beautiful skin, it is essential to pay the utmost attention to it.

5 tips to keep a baby skin

Drink enough

We will never say it enough, but hydration starts on the inside. While it is usually advisable to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, now two of you are getting a little thirsty!

So make sure you drink enough water regularly throughout the day. To increase your intake, also think about preparing plates rich in fruits and vegetables: salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon… These can represent up to 1 liter of your daily water intake, so do not neglect them!

Focus on hydration

During pregnancy, your skin experiences extreme dryness, and must therefore, more than ever, be moisturized accordingly.

For hydration, our 100% Pure Shea Butter is the best ally of mothers-to-be! Naturally rich in vitamins A, D, E and F and fatty acids, it moisturizes and nourishes your skin gently and helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

We recommend that you apply it all over your body, three times a day, to keep your skin hydrated in all circumstances.

Adopt exfoliation

Contrary to popular belief, exfoliation is not outlawed for pregnant women. Quite the opposite, this weekly treatment eliminates all the dead cells on the surface of your skin, for a better absorption of the moisturizing cares to follow!

Therefore, perform a gentle scrub once a week on your entire body. However, be careful that it does not contain prohibited ingredients, such as essential oils.

Take the opportunity to massage your skin: this will stimulate cell renewal and help the tissues to better support their stretching.

Think about hands and nails

Like the rest of your skin, your hands can also suffer from dryness. But fragile nails are also a problem to be raised.

Indeed, while they generally grow much faster, they also tend to become soft and brittle, or even split.

To remedy this problem, moisturize your hands and nails with our Shea Hand Cream. Favour the subtle scent of Milk Cream, which will not attack the sensitive smell of future mothers.

Protect yourself

Finally, know that your worst enemy during pregnancy is none other than the sun! Indeed, it is at the origin of a phenomenon specific to pregnant women: the pregnancy mask. It is the appearance of brown spots on the face, especially on the forehead and cheeks.

So, even in winter, always remember to protect your face with a high SPF, pregnancy-friendly sunscreen.

Thanks to these tips, you can now live your pregnancy with complete peace of mind.

And to find out more about the phenomenon of stretch marks, click here.

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