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Practice widespread, dubbed or shunned, the shave of the gentleman has its assets, whatever we say. We give you our advice to put your face bare without martyring your skin

How do I shave?

Shaving is a daily ritual not to be taken lightly because if you do not have the right actions, it can weaken your skin.

The first step is to prepare your skin well. For a smooth shave it is advisable to shave in the shower or just after. Indeed, the heat allows the pores to expand to release the hair and relax.

It is also important to clean your skin with a suitable soap to remove any impurities that may get stuck in your pores and promote cuts.

The second step is central. To improve the passage of the razor blade, apply a gel or shaving foam. This care will facilitate the recovery of hair.

Apply with light circular motions and starting at the neck. For a complete traditional shave, you can use a badger to evenly apply your product. It will straighten the hair and act as a light exfoliator.

Do not use too many creams, it prevents the razor from being closer to your skin!

Always shave in the direction of the growth of your hair, this way you will avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs. Go from the legs to the cheeks. The neck and chin are shaved last.

Little trick to avoid ingrown hairs: do not hesitate to make a scrub after cleaning your skin. To discover our homemade scrub recipe, it’s here.

To increase the life of your shaver and get a shave fit for a barber, regularly rinse your blade and choose a blade of quality.

After this step, your skin is raw, so do not leave it like that!

The right things to do … after shaving.

Rinse your face with cold water to get rid of any cream residue. The cold temperature of the water will help to close your pores still sensitive. Dry your face by tapping lightly with a clean towel.

You can now apply a moisturizing balm aftershave. Simply massage the shaved area until complete penetration of the product.

To replace the moisturizing balm aftershave, you can also use pure shea butter. Just apply it to the skin after shaving to reduce burning and irritation. It is a very good natural aftershave because it contains allantoin that promotes skin healing and cell regeneration.

Generously apply shea butter to areas of the skin that have been razor-prone.

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