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Scrambled, tired, dull … Your complexion looks gray? Do not panic! Follow our tips and apply the right gestures daily to regain a fresh and luminous skin.

What is a tired skin?

If at the end of a long day you have a strong feeling of tiredness, your skin will also suffer. Goodbye to that healthy-glow effect, your complexion then visibly lacks radiance.

On the surface of your skin, other effects of tiredness can be cruelly visible: dark circles and puffiness, crow’s feet, hollowed-out wrinkles… Nevertheless, these skin ailments are not irreversible. On the contrary, they can be erased thanks to a few tricks to be carried out on a daily basis.

What are the causes?

Various factors are likely to be at the origin of your dull and greyish complexion: pollution, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet… Day after day, our skin struggles against all sorts of aggressions that weaken it, and this can be seen naturally in our complexion.

There is, however, an ordinary factor that is impossible to fight: time. As the years go by, our skin finds it increasingly difficult to renew itself, which unfortunately does not help our complexion.

Save your complexion in 3 steps

Make a change

When we wake up, our skin is wrinkled and our complexion is blurred by a mass of small dead cells… So give it a boost with our Micellar Water: it cleanses, moisturizes and tones. For a fresh and radiant skin!

Then, let’s go for hydration! Your skin needs a shield to protect it throughout the day. Our Moisturizing Day Cream, enriched with Shea Butter, meets your skin’s daily needs. It brings softness, comfort and protection against external aggressions.

Surround the problem

Beyond our tired complexion, it is very often our eyes that betray our state of tiredness. The skin around the eyes is thinner than on the rest of our face, and the signs of a long day appear easily.

To awake your look, our Shea Anti-Aging Eye Cream is an essential to adopt urgently. This miraculous treatment effectively moisturizes and relaxes this sensitive area of the face so that you can regain a rested look. To stimulate circulation and improve the absorption of active ingredients, apply it to the eye contour area with light tapping motions.

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Boost its radiance

The best way to give your skin a real glow is to use the right skin care products. As a first step, perform a Gentle Scrub on your entire face once or twice a week. This will allow you to renew your skin by removing dead cells and other impurities that have accumulated on the surface.

Then, on a weekly basis, opt for our Shea Radiance Mask! It combines Shea Butter with White Clay, known for its remineralizing and purifying properties, to help you regain radiant, clean and soft skin. Find a purified, radiant and fresh complexion.

You now know the three steps that will allow you to say goodbye to your grey complexion!

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